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Welcome Message from the President of Athlone Institute of Technology – Professor Ciaran O’Cathain. 


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A welcome message from Dr. Michael Tobin, Dean of Faculty




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Your Institute and its operating environment.

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The academic Calendar outlines all term dates and time. On commencement, each student should make themselves aware of term dates. Typically lectures do not take place during non-term time. Click here to access the AIT academic calendar for 2020/21.


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Etiquette or Netiquette as it is sometimes called describes a set of rules on how we engage with each other when online and in particular while attending an online lecture with us at Athlone IT. Please click here to access our general guidelines on class etiquette


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This sets out all policies, guidelines, and procedures in relation to a student’s attendance at Athlone IT. It contains details on late submissions, deferrals, and withdrawals. To view please click here 


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The decision to record lectures/classes is made by the relevant lecturer at their own discretion. All lectures delivered in an online mode will be recorded. So all participants attending Athlone IT blended or online programmes are duly advised of this.
Students are asked to take note of the following in relation to Distribution of Recordings
Recordings of online content cannot be distributed to different class groups because they contain other participant’s personal data.
By default, recordings will be published to the appropriate module in which the live lecture forms part
To assist students with course revision and examination preparation, lecture recordings should remain accessible on the VLE for the duration of the module
Recordings of student group presentations for the purposes of assessment will be available to the Module Coordinator in which the assessment is taking place only and will be deleted after the assessment period has ended.


[toggle title=”Student Code of Practice in relation to Recordings” state=”off” style=”solid”]

(i) Lecture/class recordings may not be reproduced, transferred, exchanged, distributed, or displayed in any public or commercial manner. In this context, the following is strictly prohibited:

•  the copying, by any means, of recorded lectures/classes.

•  the passing of recorded lectures/classes to any third party.

•  the posting/displaying of recorded lectures/classes on any public forum including the internet and      all electronic fora.

(ii) Students are reminded that covert audio and/or visual recording of lectures/classes is strictly prohibited and will be treated as a serious disciplinary matter.

(iii) Students who are in breach of this Code of Practice may be subject to disciplinary measures under the AIT Student Code of Conduct and Discipline procedures. 5

(iv) Students are reminded of the importance of adhering to codes of practice/conduct in relation to dignity and respect while attending lectures/classes.

(V) Recordings of student class participation will not be used against students for disciplinary purposes.


[toggle title=”Food Services and Guidance for the Use of Food Services” state=”off” style=”solid”]

The current opening hours for Campus Restaurant 8:15am – 5:00pm. However, it is envisaged that these will be extended to 8pm early October to facilitate students access some the services while attending the Institute in the evening and/or Saturdays to study and access the Library services. See Guidance for use of Food Service.


[toggle title=”Assignment/Coursework Submission Rules” state=”off” style=”solid”]

To ensure consistency in our treatment of all learners. The institute has a set of rules in relation to assignment submission. If they are not adhered to penalties will apply. Please make yourself aware of these rules.





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