Faculty of Continuing, Professional,
Online and Distance Learning

Delivering part-time, flexible and online programmes, designed to give you the skills,
knowledge and competencies which you may require for your professional development and career progression.

Prospectus 2021/2022





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    A welcome message from Seadna Ryan, Head of Department, Department of Lifelong Learning.

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    Understanding and delivering your skill requirements now and for the workplace
    of the future!

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    Registrations are now being accepted.
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    If you have any questions please get in touch. We’re happy to help!

  • Supports

    • Student Induction Programme
    • Free Skills Classes
    • Career Workshops
    • TUS Midlands Library
    • Designated Course Co-ordinator
    • Payment Plan Option
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Delivering part-time flexible, on-line programmes across all the Institute Faculties and Academic Disciplines in partnership with Business.

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