Phase 2: Live Induction Online

Phase 2: Live Induction Online

To view a video of the Induction held on Saturday Morning 10th September, click the link below.  Note: Only the Part A of the Induction is recorded.


The Live Online Induction takes place on Saturday 10th September from 9.30am to 1pm.

It is compulsory for all new Department of Lifelong Learning Students to attend the Live Online Induction on Saturday 10th September

The Schedule for the morning is:

Topics covered in addition to getting the opportunity to meet your programme lead and lecturers are:

  • Student Id Card/Website

  • Academic Calendar

  • Course/Programme Manuals

  • Timetable/Saturday lectures

  • Assignments policies /Plagiarism policies/ Student Handbook

  • Examinations/Deferrals/Disabilities/Student Services

  • Software – MS Office – Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onedrive

  • Parking/Clamping

  • General Student Area – Online Supports – How to do all

  • E-mail/Moodle/Turnitin – (detail (upload/download, assignment))

  • Library – Online Access

  • Accessing your Online Classroom

  • In Class Using Adobe Connect

  • Classroom questions

  • Lecturer Questions – Weekly e-mail one hour/Benchmark.

  • Netiquette.

  • Where are the Online lectures/URLs held

  • Online issues and queries

  • Attendance (Classes)

  • Springboard Requirements (AMS – Registration during the year)

  • Online Induction Website