TUS Learning Gate

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The TUS Learning Gate is a community location/space where TUS students and academic staff can meet and learn together, through the provision of online programmes. The TUS Learning Gate is a space where TUS lecturers can deliver their lectures online, where TUS students can study and access the TUS library online, where students can view their online lectures, meet to discuss projects, and/or complete group work based on the requirements of the programme they are taking with the University. The objective is to enable students to study and work locally, yet have a learning space to go to that is warm, comfortable and ready to meet their needs.The first of the TUS Learning Gates are now open at the Mullingar e-Working Centre located in the Westmeath Co Council Buildings, Mullingar and at the newly developed CoWorx facility, located at 5 Main Street, Edgeworthstown Co. Longford. Preferential rates are given to registered TUS students and provides Higher Education opportunities to those living and working in the area and its surrounding regions. The Faculty of Continuing, Professional, Online and Distance Learning at TUS Midlands Campus are looking forward to officially launching both locations as TUS Learning Gates in Autumn 2022, along with some fantastic TUS Learning Gate facilities in County Laois.
Mullingar E-working Center_TUS Flyer
COWORX TUS Learning Gate