Programme Fees

All programme fees are stated in the relevant programme details in this prospectus. Except where stated programme fees cover the cost of tuition only and refer to the programme or academic year as appropriate.

Some programmes require students to pay additional registration/examination fees separately (and in some cases directly) to the accrediting professional body. This is noted in the programmes details in this prospectus. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that such fees are paid on time. The Department of Lifelong Learning cannot be held responsible in instances where this does not occur.

Payment Plan Option

We encourage all students to pay their programme fee in full on registration, however in some cases we recognise that this may not be possible. To accommodate this we have introduced a structured payment plan option that is only available on programmes where the programme fee exceeds €1000. The structured payment plan is as follows:

Payment One

Deposit of €550 on application by September 13 2022

Payment Two

November 8 2022 €600
(or balance of fees if less than €600 outstanding)

Payment Three

January 24 2023 €600
(or balance of fees if less than €600 outstanding)

Payment Four

March 7 2023 €600
(or balance of fees if less or more than €600 outstanding)

In order to avail of the structured payment plan option, applicants must complete the Online Registration process via the AIT website.

Students may make earlier payments, and may pay more than the required amount by each date if they so wish. Students who do not adhere to the structured payment plan option, (for example do not pay the required amount by the required date) may have their student services revoked, may not be allowed attend further classes or attend examinations until their account is back in good financial standing. Students will not receive notification of any results or transcripts if they have fees outstanding.

For further details on the payment plan and to discuss your eligibility please contact us.

MBA Payment Plan

Tuition fees will be €5,000 per academic year.

There are two payment methods available:

  1. Full fees of €5,000 on registration
  2.  Deposit of €860 on registration, followed by 9 monthly payments of €460 by the first of each month, commencing 1st October 2022 and finishing 1st June 2023.