Michael Tobin Welcome


Dear Student, 

We are delighted that you have chosen Athlone Institute of Technology as your college of choice.  Over the coming year(s) we hope that we live up to your expectations and that you have a successful and enjoyable learning experience with us. 

Our staff are all very aware of the challenges that the Adult learner faces over the coming academic year as you manage COVID 19, Family, Work, Relationships and Sport to list but a few of life’s activities.  And, it is this experience that we bring to your learning environment, as we continually try to ensure that the ‘new learning’ you do is delivered in a manner that fits in with your busy everyday lives.   

While learning with us, we don’t expect you to stop or change any of the above.  What we hope is that you develop the skills to manage your learning in parallel with all your other activities. 

And, it is with this in mind that we have created this Induction area of our website.  Our objective is to give you access to the tools, rules and supports that will assist you on your learning journey. 

In Athlone IT, we have four different Faculties, each with a number of Departments and at this juncture early in your learning I’d ask that you all identify the Department and Faculty that is responsible for the delivery of your programme. If you have any questions on your programme, I’d ask that you direct it at the relevant Department thereby ensuring a timely response to your learning query. 

Wishing you every success on your learning Journey.