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Academic Calendar and Institute Regulations

The Institute Academic Calendar will be issued to all registered students during induction.


The ACCS (Accumulation of Credits and Certification of Subjects) scheme allows students to follow any subject on an approved programme, and to be awarded a single subject certificate on successful completion of the subject.

Start Dates of Programmes

Programme start dates are specified in detailed programme profiles. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that they are aware of the specific start date for their chosen programmes. We do not send letters to students confirming start dates. All programmes will start on dates stated in this prospectus.

Programme Fees

All programme fees are stated in the relevant programme details in this prospectus. Except where stated programme fees cover the cost of tuition only and refer to the programme or academic year as appropriate.

Additional fees may arise during the programme for photocopying, books etc. Some programmes require students to pay additional registration/examination fees separately (and in some cases directly) to the accrediting professional body. This is noted in the programme details in this prospectus. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that such fees are paid on time. The Department of Lifelong Learning cannot be held responsible in instances where this does not occur.

Tax Relief on Part-time Programmes

Since April 2001, the Revenue Authorities have simplified the system that allows tax relief on certain third-level programmes. You now can claim tax relief on fees paid for approved undergraduate, postgraduate, information technology and foreign language programmes.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes must be approved by the Minister for Education and Science, and the tuition fees must be paid by the individual on his or her own behalf or on the behalf of a spouse, child or person’s legal guardian. To apply for the tax relief you will need an application form called IT31, which can be downloaded from the Revenue Commissioners website at this needs to be completed and returned with the receipt for the fees paid. If you are currently working and claiming relief on fees paid during the last tax year, you will need to send a copy of your most recent P60 with your application.

Examinations and Examination Fees

Registration for Examinations

For TUS accredited programmes (Higher Certificate, Degree, Honours Degree and Higher Diploma) there are three examination sessions per academic year. Semester One examinations normally take place in December. Semester Two examinations normally take place in May. Autumn repeats normally take place in August.

It is the responsibility of the student to make themselves aware of each examination session. 

It is also the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are registered for the relevant modules for each examination session.

For your information, all students are automatically registered for all semester one and semester two examinations as per their programme schedule (you will find this in your programme manual). However in relation to repeat examinations (August) the student must register themselves.

Repeat examinations are subject to an additional fee. The current fee is €100, and €130 for late applicants but this is subject to review on an annual basis. The process for a student to register for a repeat examination is managed centrally by the examinations office, and is subject to review, so please make yourself aware of what to do via the Institute website.

After you check your examination results, if you need to register for a repeat examination, return to the Institute website page which contained the link to your results. You will see a link to a document detailing how to register and pay for your repeat examination(s). You will also find details of the closing date for registration.

Please note that on TUS accredited academic programmes, the first attempt in a subject is included in your programme fee. Repeat examination fees will apply thereafter, as per Institute policy.

Examination Timetables

Examination dates are defined by the Examinations Office or relevant professional body, in consultation with the Department of Lifelong Learning. Examinations will normally take place between the hours of 9.00 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Saturday.

Examinations are delivered in accordance with the Institute’s Marks and Standards. Changes are not permitted to the Examinations Timetable.

Students sitting TUS managed examinations are advised to check the online examination timetables regularly in case any changes take place. Students are also advised to reconfirm the date and time of each examination on the web based timetables within 24 hours of each scheduled examination. Students sitting external examinations must ensure that they are aware of external examination dates. In addition, students must ensure that they have registered for and paid the appropriate examination fee by the relevant closing date, where relevant. Students should make themselves aware of examination entry closing dates, fees etc.

Additional examination fees are payable separately and in some cases directly to professional bodies. The Department of Lifelong Learning is not responsible in instances where this does not occur.

On the morning or afternoon of the respective examination, candidates must present to the examination invigilator with an TUS student card or the relevant professional body student card, whichever is relevant prior to being admitted to the examination. Failure to do so will mean non-admittance to the examination.

Progression/Repeat and Attend Students are informed that it is not possible to progress to a subsequent higher year if they have failed in excess of 10 credits or one module.

In relation to progressing from a Higher Certificate (Level 6) to an Ordinary Degree (Level 7), or an Ordinary Degree (Level 7) to an Honours Degree (Level 8), students cannot progress if they have not successfully completed all modules of the full award.

In such instances, students have two options:

1) To repeat the examinations only, therefore the repeat examination registration process applies. For any further queries, please contact the Examinations Office.

2) To repeat classes and the examinations. For this, a fee of approximately €500 per module applies. For further information please contact the Department of Lifelong Learning.

Refund Policy

Please note: The onus is on the student to notify the Department of Lifelong Learning in writing in the event of their withdrawing from their programme for any reason as soon as is practicable.

Short programmes (3-12 weeks):

A full refund will be given if requested one week before programme commencement. A refund less administration fee (25%) will be given if requested where one class of the programme has taken place. Refunds are not available thereafter.

For programmes of 13 weeks or more:

A full refund will be given if requested one week before programme commencement. A refund less administration fee (25%) will be given where two classes of the programme have taken place. Refunds are not available thereafter.

Please Note: Requests for refund of programme fees must be made in writing to the Department of Lifelong Learning. A 25% administration fee is charged as per the above refund policy. Receipts must be produced when requesting a refund of programme fees.

Cancelled Programmes

As all Lifelong Learning classes must be self-financing, TUS reserves the right to cancel any class that is not financially viable prior to commencement. All registered students will be notified and all fees will be refunded automatically.

Programme Schedules

All registered students will be issued with a schedule/timetable as appropriate on the first night of their programme.

The Institute reserves the right to change the schedule of any programme outlined in this prospectus. The Department of Lifelong Learning or the lecturer may under unavoidable circumstances change the day and time of any class, (students will always be notified).

Please note that the number of weeks scheduled for each programme is approximate – some programmes may necessitate additional classes in order to complete the programme within the academic year and ensure that students are fully prepared for scheduled examinations. In general these extra classes will be scheduled on Saturdays.

 Some programmes listed in this programme have been scheduled with Saturday classes – this is noted in the individual programme description.


Registered part-time students on

Academic/Professional and/or TUS accredited academic programmes may avail of the Institute’s library facilities. Details of library services for such students are available

Library Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 9.15 am to 9.45 pm

Friday: 9.15 am to 4.00 pm

Saturday: opening hours will vary throughout the academic year.

Please contact the Library to clarify these if  you wish to use the facilities in the evening time or on Saturdays

Institute Regulations

All students are required to make themselves aware of the Institute Regulations. A copy of the Student Handbook is available to download from

the Institute website All students sitting TUS programme examinations are required to have read the Examination Regulations contained in the Student Handbook.

Restaurant Facilities

The Institute has a restaurant, which serves meals and snacks each day between 9.00 am and 8.45 pm, Monday to Thursday, 9.00 am to 2.00 pm on Fridays and 9.30 am to 12.00 pm on Saturdays.

Parking Facilities

Adequate facilities are provided at the side and rear of the Institute. Cars may only be parked in authorised areas. Vehicles parked in non-designated areas will be clamped. The release fee is approximately €80.

Please note that if you wish to come to the Institute and park before 6.00 pm, you MUST have a student parking permit. These are available from APCOA via the TUS website – go-to quick link for Parking on the bottom right-hand side. The cost of a permit for the academic year is approximately €20.

Please note there are penalties in place if you do not adhere to these rules. These are outside the control of the institute.

Institute Identity Card

Only students registered on programmes leading to Academic Awards and Professional Awards will be issued with an Institute Identity Card. This card also allows access to the Institute’s library computer and photocopying facilities.

Academic Content

Please be aware that the Institute reserves the right to change academic content and structure of all programmes.

Terms and Conditions

The Institute is a Data Controller and will comply with its obligations under existing or future Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation. Further details regarding how your data is stored and processed is available in our full Data Protection guidelines at (

You must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to register as a student with TUS.

Occasionally, it may be necessary for the Institute to send a text message or an email in relation to your registration status, changes to timetable or institute business of which you need to be aware.

Your consent will be required at the time of application, please indicate your preference on the application form.