Virtual Induction

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Welcome to the Faculty of Continuing, Professional, Online and Distance Learning

Part-time Flexible Learning Student Induction area

This area is for all our new and existing students who will commence their part-time flexible programmes this Spring online with the Institute.

This part-time flexible learning student Induction for the 2020/2021 academic year is presented in two stages.

And, it is imperative that you partake in both stages.

Stage 1 – Pre Induction

This involves you completing a series of steps on your own but in a structured manner.  As you complete each of the steps you will begin to learn more about Athlone Institute of Technology, your role as a learner, including our role in the delivery of your learning, and importantly how to log on and access the many systems we have here at the Institute.  All systems that you will use over the course of your time as a student at Athlone Institute of Technology.

This stage will also include information on COVID 19, the Institute’s policies and procedures, an awareness of supports including how to access and use the library remotely, how to re-engage with your study (study skills supports), how to approach your first assignment, and indeed how to put paragraphs and sentences together and finally a brief guide on netiquette ensure that we all engage with each other in an appropriate manner online.   All support created to ensure that we meet our objective namely that you enjoy your experience with us as part-time flexible Online Learner, while also ensuring that you will complete the programme.

Stage 2 – LIVE Induction

From 9.30 am – 1 pm on Saturday 16th January

At this event, you will enter your first live virtual classroom where you will meet with a member of the Faculty who will bring your class group through exactly what is involved in your programme and indeed within each module.  This session will cover a detailed description of each modules, the assessments that might be involved, the academic calendar and when you will have classes, Saturday classes and how they will operate, your programme timetable for the semester I, and where you can access your live timetable so that you may enter your live classroom at its scheduled time.   

Note: In addition to the Faculty member, the other people in this room will be your fellow classmates, those people who will be taking the programme with you.  As such, an element of this morning will involve introducing you to your fellow classmates, putting you into breakout-rooms where you can get to understand who else in on the programme, while at the same time breaking down the barriers through encouraging you to connect with each other, ensuring you all begin to create a support network that you can all utilise over the course of your learning here at Athlone IT.

To access Stage 1 and Stage 2, Please click on the Button below.

Again please note: Stage 2 will only be live on Saturday morning 16th January at 9.30 am.