Student Resources 

Student Resources 

The Student Resource Centre is looking forward to providing ongoing support to students .  Please see the attached brochure to remind yourself of these services.

The Student Resource Centrewill be utilising ZOOM and other platforms to continue to support students throughout the academic year and will have staff on-site Monday to Friday to support students in person as needed. 

Further details of student supports are available hereand on the Student Resource Centre Moodle page.

Disability and Learning Support Service:
To protect the health of both students and staff the service will be delivered remotely for the most part.  Assistive Technology Training, Learning Support and meetings with staff are being conducted through Zoom.   All communications will be initially through student email.  Meetings with staff will be necessary in some instances and this can only happen by prearranged appointment.  A member of staff from the service will be onsite each day. 

Contact: [email protected]  and please also have a discussion where possible with your relevant Head of Department to ensure that he/she can support you throughout your learning here in TUS Midlands as a part-time flexible learning student. 

Student Welfare
The access office will offer support to students remotely in relation to the Student Assistance Fund (SAF) and the Laptop on Loan (LOL) scheme, application forms for both will be available on the TUS Midlands website from mid September. 

1916 Bursary
The 1916 Bursary, for first year students only, is open for applications, information and application forms are available here.

The access office can be contacted at; 

Phone: 090 6468123/ 0906468125/ 0860598572 

Email; try[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected] 

Zoom calls can be arranged by appointment. 


Tutor Support Services:
In keeping with health guidance, Tutorials will be conducted through Zoom.   All communications will be initially through student email.  For class bookings, class reps should contact the relevant tutor. 

Science Tutor, Iain Murray by emailing [email protected].  

Maths Tutor, Joe Keogh by emailing [email protected] 

Academic Writing Centre, Emer Connolly by emailing [email protected] 

Individual bookings and tutorials for students registered with the Disability & Learning Support Service can also arrange bookings via email. 

Visit the Academic Writing Centre page on Moodle for extensive writing resources. 

Here is a link to some great resources developed by TUS Midlands Library to help you with remote learning:


The Careers Service will continue to provide careers and educational guidance through the Careers Connect portal. To engage with the careers service, students should visit 

Or alternatively via email [email protected] 

Visit the Careers Service page on Moodle for extensive careers resources. 


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