Step 2 – Student Health Supports

Mandatory Training for all students of AIT, including those studying Online
NOTE:  You will need student email address  [email protected] and Student Number (beginning with Capital ‘A00xxxxx) as your password.

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To provide guidance as to our policies and procedures and how we plan to keep you safe on campus this coming semester. On this link, you’ll also find lots of useful advice on topics like your health and wellbeing, accommodation, general health advice, student supports and so much more. 


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Email [email protected] to ensure that your queries and concerns are heard.


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Mental health supports


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Campus Updates

Information hub – where you’ll find an extensive list of FAQs, we are here to support you and ensure your transition to college life on campus is as seamless as possible. The campus updates hub is accessible via ‘Quicklinks’ on the AIT website also. 


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Extenuating Circumstances 

Athlone Institute of Technology has provisions in place to protect students with extenuating individual or family circumstances that preclude them from attending class on campus this coming semester.  Full details of what is required of you, if you should require to advise us of any extenuating circumstances as a direct consequence of COVID are available here, including the electronic form.

We would remind you that the Extenuating Circumstances form must be submitted to the relevant Faculty in order that it is processed in a timely manner.  So please make sure you are aware of the Department and Faculty that has direct responsibility for your programme. 

We each have a role to play over the coming semester to keep our campus community safe, and we would ask you to be mindful of this personal and collective responsibility as you return to campus and during your daily interactions both on and off campus. 

Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow and Be Safe…………… 



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